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How we create authentic food experiences…

Extensive International Food Knowledge

  • Nowadays, supporting sustainable and long-term business practices is a must. We support and strengthen local economies by sourcing ingredients from fresh local products.

  • Extensive international food knowledge.

Diverse Menu Options

  • Our canteens feature daily menu changes including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

  • Our daily specials vary from Indian Curries to Polish Porogies, Lasagna and much more.

Celebrating Together

  • We spread our team spirit through events! The Nordquest team creates unique and memorable moments through hosting company celebrations, milestone celebrations, Christmas parties and other holiday events.

Management and meeting room lunches:

  • Our services cater private dining experiences. Your company now has the opportunity to host small management meetings to large-scale private dinners or BBQs for your company or (sub) contractors.

Flexibility and Adaptable


  • We have no long management chains, are flexible and have adaptable northern action! 


Catering for Data Centres



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